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Emergency Contacts For Our Clients

In the event our office is closed and emergency repairs are required, firstly consult your property manager via email or call our afterhours contact – Linda Villella 0407223688.

Below is a list of tradespeople and companies that are commonly used for our clients.

1. Ken Barnes Plumbing 42269188
2. Barry Cann Roofing & Plumbing 0413700986
3. Stefan Fair Plumbing 0422109290

1. Ryan from Simms Electrical 0402646135
2. HOTT Electrics Pty Ltd  0401 036 355 (

1. Lock and Key Services 1800 962 096

Carpet Cleaner/ water extractor:
1. Chemdry Excellence 42956380

For ALL Tenants that live at 62 Harbour Street Wollongong & 214 Princes Highway Fairy Meadow You should always call Illawarra Facilities Management first, their numbers will be displayed on every noticeboard in the complex.

Alternatively, phone your local authorities

Fire Brigade & Police 000
Flood & Storm Assist 132 500
Sydney Water 132 090
Gas (AGL Sydney Ltd) 131 909
Illawarra Hot Water 42264400
Electricity (Energy Australia) 131 388

Cost due to emergency call outs are the responsibility of the individual initiating the emergency service.  Unless the call out is deemed the responsibility of the property owner. Reimbursements are to be submitted to your property manager in writing and will be considered by your Property Manager. Reimbursement will only be issued if the problem was genuine emergency and relates to the property. To help facilitate approvals please ensure you obtain photographic evidence of issue and where possible, communicate with your property manager or afterhours call out manager.